Raya Gets Her Lull On

Raya loves to share her thoughts and opinions with her YouTube subscribers, and in this video, she’s giving them the promised tour of her new apartment.

She’s really excited about her new place, especially since it’s the first one that she’s had on her own. No more living with family or crashing at a friend’s house!

Raya shows us her awesome furniture, including a handmade record stand she got in LA, and the nightstand and shelving that she made herself on her DIY kick.

After admitting that she has two mattresses due to the first one being so uncomfortable, she shows us her new Lull mattress that was delivered to her door. She loves that it came in a box the size of a mini-fridge, and the fact that she was able to set it up all by herself.

Her Lull mattress is comfy, supportive, and environmentally friendly, so she ditched her old mattress and is keeping it in the living room until she can find it a new home.

Raya was so impressed by the fact that her Lull mattress feels so much better on her back, comes with a 100-night trial, and is backed by the promise of a free refund and pick-up if she’s not satisfied with it for whatever reason, that she shared a special money-saving link with her subscribers to get their own Lull.

Thanks for sharing, Raya! We’re glad you’re happy with your new place and your new mattress.