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  2. Can body temperature affect sleep?

    In bed, many of us are no stranger to flipping the pillow over and over again to feel the relaxing coolness of the other side...until it quickly warms up again, moving the cycle forward.  An extended period of pillow-flipping is often the result of feeling too hot to sleep properly, whether it’s due to the temperature of our room or...

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  3. How Sleep Makes You Happier

    Finally being able to sleep after an arduous, stressful, sweaty workday is one of the best feelings on the planet. However, you don’t need to wait for an unusually hectic day to feel happiness from sleep.  Even though you may not feel happy every time you go to sleep, getting a good amount of sleep leads to a happier mood...

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  4. What is White Noise and Why Should You Check it Out?

    We’ve talked plenty of times here about the benefits of eating the right food and doing the right activities to help you sleep better, but what about some uh, lower-effort help? Fortunately, there’s a simple trick that requires even less effort than pouring and heating a glass of warm milk: it’s playing some white noise in the background.  White noise...

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  5. Here are a few of the best and worst foods for quality sleep

    Eating yourself to better quality sleep sounds like a dream, but it’s entirely possible. Plenty of foods contain chemicals conducive to stimulating the hormones and mental states vital to falling asleep at the right time. Conversely, other foods stimulate other hormones and moods that make you toss and turn rather than drifting off. Most of them are delicious, so don’t...

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  6. 4 Reasons to Consider a Metal Bed Frame

    Do you think a metal bed frame would add the right vibe to your room? After all, they’re often polished, slim, chic, and can be shaped in a variety of aesthetic ways.  Metal frames are both aesthetic and practical, but the choice to pick them over wood depends on your circumstances and preferences. So here are four reasons you might...

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