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  2. 3 Signs That Your Mattress is the Problem

    1. You wake up with aches & pains. Aches & pains get blamed on a ton of different activities. Your Thursday night softball league. Holding your toddler all day. Sitting at your desk too long. What about your mattress? The typical mattress is designed to be a flat surface that is equally supportive in all areas – since your body...

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  3. 4 Reasons to LULL Yourself To Sleep

    There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to find the right fit. Whether you’re looking for a new coat, a new job, or a new mattress, it all comes down to being able to make a final choice that just feels right. We know exactly what that’s like, so we wanted to take some of the hard work and frustration...

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  4. Sleep more to feel young

    Sleep Isn’t For the Weak, It’s For the Young

    How many hours of sleep do you get on a daily basis? Five hours? Seven? Chances are, it’s not enough. The average adult needs 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep a night to function at his best, and children and teens need even more. Of these people, a surprisingly large number are chronically sleep deprived. The solution, according to an...

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  5. Better Sleep equals Feeling Better

    What feels better than sleep?

    Not many things, unless you’re a vampire. And not many things affect our day-to-day lives and health so powerfully. Sleep is a necessity of life; it refreshes us for the next day and maintains our health, both mentally and physically. Scientists at the University of Michigan, in line with this thinking, have determined that getting just one extra hour of...

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  6. Buy Mattress Online

    Reasons to Buy Your Next Mattress Online

    For years, the mattress shopping experience has largely consisted of the same painful routine. You head out to a big-box furniture store and spend hours of your precious weekend time trolling the aisles looking for just the right mattress. There is the ever-present sales guy breathing down your neck, screaming kids running past, and the thought in the back of your...

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