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  2. Papaw’s Wood Shop Video Post

    Jason Collins hosts Papaw’s Wood Shop on YouTube and shared his recent bed making project with us here at Lull. He took our king sized mattress and used it as his inspiration to create a platform storage bed for his guest cottage, which is also in progress and can be found on his YouTube channel. [embed][/embed] Jason shows his followers...

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  3. Raya Gets Her Lull On

    Raya loves to share her thoughts and opinions with her YouTube subscribers, and in this video, she’s giving them the promised tour of her new apartment. She’s really excited about her new place, especially since it’s the first one that she’s had on her own. No more living with family or crashing at a friend’s house! [embed][/embed] Raya shows us...

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  4. For Better Napping, Just Add Coffee

    Grabbing a power nap in the middle of your work day can be a great way to refresh yourself and get more productivity out of your working hours. And we’ve all heard of taking a coffee break to help you relax and refocus while working, but you shouldn’t combine the two, right? Wrong. Coffee naps are a real and powerful...

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  5. How to Sleep Better with Lull

    How can you sleep better and avoid the health issues that crop up from lack of sleep? By choosing the right mattress, of course! With Lull’s premium three-layer design, you get cooling comfort, therapeutic support, and ultra durability. [embed][/embed] And best of all, you can avoid the aches and pains of sleeping on an old mattress or having to go...

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  6. Britney and Baby Sleep on a Cloud

    In this video, Britney shares an embarrassing secret and how she’s now “sleeping on a cloud.” [embed][/embed] Britney starts by admitting that she and her husband, Ian have been sleeping on an innerspring mattress that is at least 10 years old. In fact, it’s so old, she can’t even remember how or when they got it in the first place!...

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