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  2. 7 Ridiculous Facts About Sleep

    In honor of National Sleep Week, we have 7 Days of Sleep Facts to help everyone understand the in's & out's of sleep! It’s hard work being a human! Most of us will spend a great majority of our lives curled up in bed, trying to catch up on our beauty rest. In fact, almost a third of the average...

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  3. A Lull for the Nulls

    Austin and Brittany Null are a fun-loving Kansas City couple that love sharing their lives with daughter, Audriauna and son, Kailand on their YouTube channel, The Nive Nulls. In this video, they talk about an upcoming surprise visit from Austin’s parents, and how their guest room needs an upgrade in the mattress department. Brittany admits that the mattress in there...

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  4. The Shocking Truth About Not Getting Enough Sleep

    Are you getting enough sleep? The National Sleep Foundation thinks that you might not be, and that’s why they’re kicking off their Sleep Awareness Week 2016 with the theme of #7Days4BetterSleep. Sleep Awareness Week started on March 6th this year and leads up to the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, which is when the highest number of Americans are losing...

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  5. Papaw’s Wood Shop Video Post

    Jason Collins hosts Papaw’s Wood Shop on YouTube and shared his recent bed making project with us here at Lull. He took our king sized mattress and used it as his inspiration to create a platform storage bed for his guest cottage, which is also in progress and can be found on his YouTube channel. [embed][/embed] Jason shows his followers...

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  6. Raya Gets Her Lull On

    Raya loves to share her thoughts and opinions with her YouTube subscribers, and in this video, she’s giving them the promised tour of her new apartment. She’s really excited about her new place, especially since it’s the first one that she’s had on her own. No more living with family or crashing at a friend’s house! [embed][/embed] Raya shows us...

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