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  2. 9 Warning Signs That You’re Sleep Deprived

    There’s no better feeling than waking up refreshed and ready to take on your day, but what happens when you forfeit sleep for other activities? According to doctors and sleep experts, the effects of sleep deprivation go well beyond just mid-day yawns and feeling groggy. People that don’t get a full night of sleep can be faced with some pretty...

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  3. The Strange (and Sometimes Scary) Truth About Sleep Eating

    You may think that avoiding the call of late night snacking is difficult, but imagine how much harder it is for the people that are doing it in their sleep? Yep, sleep eating is a real thing. Also known as sleep-related eating disorder (SRED), this phenomenon occurs when people walk into the kitchen, prepare food, and eat it – all...

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  4. Our Beds, Our Lives

    According to scientific studies done by major universities, the average adult has spent twenty-five years of their life in bed by the time that they have reached their seventies. While most of that time is dedicated to sleep, of course, there are times that we turn to the comfort and privacy of our bedroom when we’re wide awake. Our beds...

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  5. 6 Ways to Win the Battle Against Snoring

    Getting a good night’s rest is one of the best things that we can do for our health and well-being, but what happens when you have a partner sharing your bed that sounds like a lumberjack? Snoring can be a very frustrating and inconvenient problem to have to deal with, no matter whether you’re the snorer or the one being...

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  6. Elliott Morgan Unboxes His Lull

    Elliott Morgan is a funny guy that shares his life in California with the followers of his YouTube channel. This video is all about Elliott opening and setting up his new Lull mattress, which he just had delivered to his door, and he mentions that he loves the fact that it shipped to him for free. [embed][/embed] Elliott unboxes his...

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