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  2. 9 Ways to Relieve Stress and Get Some Sleep

    Has bedtime become more of a nightmare than a chance to dream? Many of us are suffering with an inability to get to sleep, and according to health experts, it is causing some pretty alarming health concerns. Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity have all been linked to lack of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining your...

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  3. The Effects of Insomnia on the Brain

    Scientists and health experts have long known about the critical link between quality sleep and improved mental health, but the underlying cause of insomnia that isn’t caused by medical disorders or the use of stimulants has eluded them for years. A recent study comparing average sleepers with those suffering from insomnia used MRI imaging to examine the effects of insomnia...

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  4. 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day without Caffeine

    For many of us, coffee is the fuel that gets us started in the morning, and keeps us going throughout the work day. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation reported that 43% of Americans regularly use caffeine to stay alert during their day-to-day activities. No matter what your preferred caffeine fix might be, it definitely does its job of keeping...

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  5. Does Sleep Technology Deliver on Its Promises?

    If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, and looked into ways to help you get more sack time, you’ve probably run across some of the multiple sleep technologies that are now available. Whether you monitor your sleep with a health wristband like Fitbit or have downloaded a special app to help you keep track of your sleep patterns, you’re part of...

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  6. Can Working Out Before Bedtime Help You Sleep?

    We’ve known for awhile now that physical activity is one of the key components to getting quality sleep. But does getting that exercise in right before bed actually work against you if you’re having trouble sleeping? There are schools of thought that believe working out immediately before turning in for the night can have the opposite effect of what you’re...

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