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  2. Do laying on Lull Pillows

    How to Know if You Need New Pillows

    Need new pillows and are curious about how to choose the right pillow? You came to the right place, to start what’s in a pillow? Literally speaking, it’s usually down or foam. Figuratively, pillows are an investment that’ll shape how your head and neck feel during and after sleep. Even though they take up much less bedroom real estate than...

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  3. Falling Back to Standard Time and Sleep

    The holidays of the fall and winter are more exciting at night: that’s when it’s dark enough to enjoy the full spook of Halloween and when the Christmas lights shine the brightest. That’s why it’s sometimes a good thing that it gets darker earlier in the fall. While you have more time to enjoy the spooky season and the pretty...

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  4. Skeleton laying on Lull bed with Lull pillows

    5 Scary Creepy Facts That Can Happen In Your Sleep

    Scary Facts About Your Sleep! Boo!  While sleep is indeed a time for relaxing and recharging, it’s not free of its downsides. Even if you’re getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night (which will be much easier to do after following some of our tips), your sessions won’t always be pleasant: there are quite a few scary facts...

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  5. 10 Remarkable Statistics About Sleeping 

    Throughout many of our blog posts, we’ve mentioned several stats about sleep to support our various points.  Many of them highlight the amounts of sleep required or the percentages of individuals who engage in certain behaviors experiencing worse or better sleep because of said behavior, such as scrolling through their phones. Though most of our blog posts are meant for...

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  6. Why You Should Read Before Going to Bed

    Remember back when you were a child falling asleep to a parent’s bedtime story? That soon evolved into you reading yourself picture books, which then transitioned into chapter books. You were far from the only kid in your class in this calming boat -- you probably know that a story before bed is a pretty common ritual.  This isn’t just...

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