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  2. Better Sleep Month: Is Missing out on Sleep Making You a Klutz?

    Losing out on sleep can have some pretty negative effects on your health and well-being, including poor work performance, irritability, and even weight gain. But one of the most common side effects of not getting enough sleep may be something that you’ve never even thought to link to sleeplessness. If you’ve ever felt even more klutzy than usual after a...

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  3. Better Sleep Month: 6 Brilliant Tricks for Better Sleep

    In honor of Better Sleep Month, here are some sleep hacks to help you hit the hay easily. Tossing and turning. Switching positions over and over. Staring at the ceiling. Marathoning late night infomercials. Ugh. No one likes missing out on sleep. To help you get some quality shut-eye, and in celebration of Better Sleep Month, we’ve rounded up 6...

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  4. Join Us for a Month of Better Sleep!

    May is a month of blooming flowers and new growth, of honoring mothers, and of the celebration of the successful completion of education. It’s a month of renewal and fresh starts. And it is also a month of recognizing the huge impact that quality sleep has on our health and well-being. It’s a month of dedicating ourselves to getting better...

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  5. 9 Ways to Relieve Stress and Get Some Sleep

    Has bedtime become more of a nightmare than a chance to dream? Many of us are suffering with an inability to get to sleep, and according to health experts, it is causing some pretty alarming health concerns. Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity have all been linked to lack of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining your...

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  6. The Effects of Insomnia on the Brain

    Scientists and health experts have long known about the critical link between quality sleep and improved mental health, but the underlying cause of insomnia that isn’t caused by medical disorders or the use of stimulants has eluded them for years. A recent study comparing average sleepers with those suffering from insomnia used MRI imaging to examine the effects of insomnia...

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