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  2. Better Sleep Month: Boost Productivity and Sleep Quality with Napping

    May is Better Sleep Month, and our focus is on helping you get the quality sleep that you need to live a happier and healthier life. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to not just your overall health and well-being, but also your ability to focus and be your most productive self. That means listening to your body and...

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  3. Better Sleep Month: 9 Sleep Hacks for Students (or Anyone Else with a Crazy Schedule)

    A huge part of Better Sleep Month is shedding light on the fact that we just aren’t prioritizing sleep the way that we should be. Recent reports from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that around 1/3 of American adults aren’t getting enough sleep. Even worse than that, another study by sleep experts has indicated that...

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  4. The Link Between Sleep and the Workplace

    Most of us know that getting a good night’s rest is an integral part of our health and well-being, but could it also be the key to climbing the ladder at work? According to multiple studies, sleep experts have been able to directly link the amount (and quality) of sleep that a working adult gets each night to their ability...

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  5. Better Sleep Month: 11 Foods for Restful Nights

    This month is all about getting the sleep you need and deserve, thanks to the celebration of Better Sleep Month, and we’re dedicating our blog to a variety of ways you can get better sleep. Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to help get you to sleep is imbibing in the right pre-bed snack. The following 11...

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  6. Better Sleep Month: Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Oasis

    What better way to take part in Better Sleep Month and get the high-quality sleep that you need to feel happy and healthy than by focusing on turning your bedroom into an oasis of sleep? According to sleep researchers and scientific studies, your bedroom can greatly affect the quality of your sleep, and have measurable effects on your ability to...

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