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  2. Is What You Eat Keeping You Awake at Night?

    If you’ve been waking up feeling groggy, and needing more coffee than usual to keep you going throughout your day, you’re not alone – a full 45% of American adults have reported a lack of quality sleep and feeling sleepy during the work day. What’s keeping you up at night? Lack of sleep has been shown to be caused by...

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  3. Productive Slumber: How to Be Inspired While You Sleep

    Some of the greatest minds of all time have come up with their life-changing inventions or ideas while they were fast asleep – they dreamed of an amazing concept, and they grabbed it when they woke up. Both the periodic table and the construction of DNA were discovered in dream land. As were the premise of the speed of light,...

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  4. Unboxing: Get Lulled to Sleep (video post)

    [embed][/embed] The lovely ladies at the online Chicago lifestyle magazine, recently shared their experience of unboxing a new Lull mattress with their YouTube audience. Their video shows how quick and easy it is to go from the compressed Lull mattress that is delivered to customers’ front doors in a box the size of a mini-fridge to a full-size memory...

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  5. Do eBooks Lead to Poor Sleep?

    If you’re one of the many book lovers that enjoys hopping into bed with the latest Kindle download after the lights are out, there is some bad news for you out of Harvard Medical School. A study has been done on how light-emitting eBooks affect your sleep, and it doesn’t look like bedtime and eBooks are a good match after...

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  6. How to Relieve Back Pain During the Night

    Getting through your day with an aching back can be difficult, but it’s even worse when that back pain is causing you to toss and turn your way into sleepless nights. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation has reported that the vast majority of those who are suffering from chronic back pain also suffer from sleep deprivation. So how can...

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