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  2. Get Better Sleep by Adding These 7 Plants to Your Bedroom

    There’s nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning your way through the night instead of getting the restful sleep that you need and deserve. Believe it or not, the solution might be as simple as adding some houseplants to your bedroom. Not only will you enjoy the beauty and vitality that a well-placed plant can bring to your home, you’ll...

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  3. How to Clean and Care for Your Mattress (and Get Better Sleep)

    When it comes to getting better sleep, it all starts with your mattress. And finding the one that is right for you is an investment – not just in money, but time and effort. You want to make sure that you protect your investment (not to mention be able to cash in on all of the benefits that come along...

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  4. How Vitamin Deficiencies Impact Your Sleep

    We’ve known for years that getting enough vitamins and minerals in our diet is integral to our overall health and well-being, but did you know that certain vitamins are key to getting a good night’s sleep? We’re going to go over which vitamins and minerals can impact your sleep when you don’t get enough of them, and how you can...

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  5. Fact vs. Fiction: Caffeine and Sleep

    Your friends are fine having an after-dinner cup of espresso, yet you find yourself tossing and turning all night if you have a cup of coffee any time after 3 p.m. What’s up with that? Just like some people can eat cake every day and still not tip the scale past their ideal weight while others gain 2 pounds just...

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  6. How to Help a Sleepwalker and Take Back Your Nights

    Having a partner or child that suffers from bouts of sleepwalking can be frightening and frustrating. Sleepwalking (also known as somnambulism) occurs while sleepers are at the deepest stage of sleeping, and is categorized as a parasomnia – a disruptive event that happens only during sleep. And part of what makes it seem so scary for both the sleepwalker and...

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