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  2. 10 Sleep gifts to give this holiday

    While you can’t magically wish for your loved ones to have their insomnia cured this year (or any year), you definitely can buy them presents that’ll help them sleep. While a premium memory foam mattress is our top recommendation, there are plenty of options that are easier on your wallet. These gifts will help them sleep more comfortably, develop a...

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  3. Dog and male child laying on twin sized bed in front of a christmas tree.

    Five Tips to Help You Get Better Sleep This Holiday Season

    The holidays are inching closer, bringing apprehension for some and excitement for others, or a complex swirl of both. The buildings are decorated with twinkly lights, and the sound of Jingle Bell Rock is inescapable at stores. Overall, there are plenty of colorful, musical sights to take in, and it’s easier if it’s all primed by a good night’s sleep. ...

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  4. A Moment of Calm-Connecting with yourself and your loved ones this holiday season

    While the holidays often mean getting out the sparkly party outfits, twinkly lights, ugly Christmas sweaters, menorahs, and reuniting with your relatives (and their delicious cooking), it can also be a time to reconcile with our relationships -- the ups and the downs.  For many of us, this can mean gearing up to face difficult family members or accepting that...

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  5. Black Friday: Get Up or Snooze?

    Are you ready to score some deals this Black Friday? Or are you going to let your bank account take a nap this year and watch the action on Facebook, sipping eggnog on the couch at home?  If you’ve got plans to snatch that 60% off TV that you can only get in the store ten miles away, then you’ll...

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  6. 4 Things to Watch Out for to Sleep Well on Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving parties are often followed by cozy nights sleeping like a baby or just passing out two hours before bedtime from a turkey-fueled food coma. Some of this has to do with the relatively high tryptophan content in Thanksgiving foods, such as turkey and milk. There are other factors, such as overeating, alcohol, and the wear and tear of socializing...

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