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  2. 5 Great Ways to Actually Get Some Sleep on Your Next Flight

    Anyone that travels on a regular basis knows the struggle of having to feel like a canned tuna in economy class, listening to the noise of your fellow passengers, getting your elbow banged by the beverage cart, and being faced with coming up with ways to spend that eight-hour flight, since everyone knows that you can’t actually sleep on a...

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  3. 11 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

    We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is to our health and happiness. So why not stack the odds of getting better sleep in your favor by turning your bedroom into a sleep haven? If you’re looking for ways to take your bed from barebones to a super sleepy-time sanctuary, check out these 11 tips for dedicating...

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  4. 7 Top-Rated Smartphone Apps for Better Sleep

    The National Sleep Foundation has long been telling us that getting better sleep is the best way to improve our health and our happiness. Yet as many as 9 million adults in America find themselves struggling to get the sleep they need. Luckily, there are some tools out there that can help us to get a good night’s rest. Check...

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  5. Why Do We Need Sleep (and So Much of It?)

    We all know that sleep plays an essential role in our lives, and is one of our most basic needs as a human being. We spend almost a full third of our lives sleeping, and some serious consequences to sleep deprivation have been discovered through research and sleep studies. Yes, it’s definitely safe to say that sleep is as necessary...

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  6. 21 Truly Relatable Points for Those of Us That Just Need More Sleep

    Are you always feeling like you need more sleep – even when you’re getting the recommended minimum of 7 hours per night? Then you will definitely relate to these 21 all-too-real points from sleep lovers around the world. 1) Sleep is your favorite thing. It’s your Olympic sport. Heck, it’s your lifeblood, and you can never get too much of...

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