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  2. Tired? Train Yourself to Get to Sleep Earlier!

    If you’ve had a schedule change that requires you to get up earlier or if you’re just feeling worn down from not getting enough sleep, it might be time to get into bed a bit earlier. Easier said than done, right? Maybe not! With a little advance planning, you can get yourself off to dreamland earlier and quicker than you...

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  3. 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Over Your Post-Lunch Slump

    If you find yourself feeling far from productive after your afternoon meal, you’re definitely not alone. Hitting a bit of a wall after your lunch break is not only normal, it’s a natural part of being a human being. A dip in energy levels happens to all of us right around seven hours after we wake up, and this causes...

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  4. 4 Tricks for Losing Weight While You Sleep

    If you’ve ever seriously considered losing some weight, you already know that there are almost as many diet and exercise plan options as there are days of the year. Personal trainers swear by spending as much time in the gym as possible, while triathletes claim that running, swimming, and biking is the only way to get fit. And dietitians make the...

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  5. What Groundhog Day Has to Do With You and Better Sleep

    Winter is in full swing, and we are finding ourselves hiding in our warm, comfy beds more and more. We dread the moment when we have to climb out from under the covers and face the cold and bitter weather that is waiting outside the front door. While we’re forced to face this intrusion of life on our time in...

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  6. Can’t Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions? Try These Simple Tips!

    If you’re already having some trouble with holding yourself to your New Year’s resolutions, just a few weeks into 2017, you might need some more sleep. Sleep experts at the University of Michigan have discovered that getting a good night’s rest (meaning between seven and eight hours a night) can be linked to more than just the already well-known benefits,...

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