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  2. Is Sleep the Secret Weapon You Need in the Battle of the Bulge?

    So, we said goodbye to National Sleep Month and its focus on better sleep. But we believe that sleep should be a priority every month, and so we will continue to bring you details on how important a good night’s rest is in all parts of your life. Good deal, right? And we’re going to start off a new month of...

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  3. Why Sleep is More Important to Your Health Than Food

    If someone asked you which was more important to your health and well-being, sleep or food, which would you choose? Most of us would probably choose to go a week without slumber and be able to eat, figuring it would be the safest bet when it came to staying amongst the living. Yet the Scientific American has published studies that...

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  4. Spring Has Sprung! So Why Are We Feeling So Sleepy?

    We’ve been welcoming days full of sunshine, warmer breezes, and new blossoms. Spring has officially sprung, according to the calendar, and we were all happy to welcome the first day of spring on March 20th. But if we’re no longer dealing with the cold, dark days of winter, why are we still feeling so sleepy? We all expect to have boundless...

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  5. 7 Surprisingly Good Reasons to Break Your “No Dogs in Bed” Rule

    National Puppy Day falls on March 23rd this year, and we thought we would help you celebrate this super sweet and adorable holiday by giving you some solid excuses to turn your pooch into your sleeping partner – or to go out and adopt one from your local shelter if you’re sleeping alone. All of us have most likely heard...

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  6. Focus on Better Sleep This Month with These 7 Simple Steps

    March is National Sleep Awareness Month, making it the perfect time of year to assess the quality of the sleep that you’re getting. After all, we spend an entire third of our lives in bed! Health professionals are serious about making sure that we’re getting enough sleep, as it’s essential to a healthy lifestyle and our all-around happiness and well-being....

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