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  2. Pillow Past It's Prime

    Is Your Pillow Past its Prime?

    Probably, and there are two reasons why. 1) The fill in your pillow compresses over time and ceases to provide your neck with the support needed for a healthy back. 2) Non-washable pillows collect dirt, oils, drool, sweat, dust mites, mildew, and fungi over time. Now that you are feeling grossed-out you should know that replacing your pillows every one...

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  3. Yes, You Can Beat the Sunday Night Blues!

    Chances are you’ve heard of the “Sunday Night Blues” – heck, you’ve probably battled them! According to a recent study, this is a very real phenomenon, with almost 50% of adults reporting that they have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights on a regular basis. But why are so many of us suffering from the Sunday Night Blues? Why Can’t We...

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  4. 24 Sleep Gadgets

    24 Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better and Wake Up Healthier

    So, you’ve finally admitted that you’re worried about your sleep health. You’re far from alone! In fact, one in three Americans struggle with some form of insomnia during their lives, and with our society plugged in and turned on 24 hours a day, it’s easy to see why there is so much talk about getting better sleep floating around out...

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  5. How to Sleep Better in the Summer Heat (With or Without AC)

    We’ve all had the sultry nights of summer turn our beds into pits of sweaty tossing and turning, robbing us of the restorative sleep that we need to be at our best. And that’s with the AC cranked up! Trying to sleep when it’s hot outside can be darn near impossible, thanks to our bodies waking us up when temperatures...

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  6. How to Help Kids and Pets Get Peaceful Sleep on the 4th of July

    While you spend your time celebrating Independence Day with hot meals off of the grill, cool brews from the fridge, and showing off your new bathing suit, things are a bit different for the kids in your life, both those with two legs and four. July Fourth means festivities at the beach or in the backyard, and of course, plenty...

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