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  2. 27 Quick Calming Tips to Help You Celebrate National Relaxation Day

    If you’re anything like the rest of us, you can’t seem to find enough time in your days to get everything checked off of your to-do list. And you can forget about actually taking a break from your busy life to kick back, relax, and imbibe in some much-needed and restorative “me time,” are we right? Stress can have a...

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  3. How to Help Your Kids Avoid the Scary Effects of Sleep Deprivation

    How to Help Your Kids Avoid the Scary Effects of Sleep Deprivation Although we may not think of our children as the future of our planet when they’re arguing with their siblings or making a mess out of the living room, they are indeed the world leaders of the years to come. It’s important that we help kids and teens...

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  4. How Exercise Affects Your Sleep (and What to Do About It)

    When it comes to living a healthy life, you most likely already know that sleep and exercise are two of the key factors that you should be focusing on, thanks to all of the data that has been shared over the years by health professionals. But did you know that feeling the burn and catching quality shut-eye actually go hand-in-hand?...

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  5. Pillow Past It's Prime

    Is Your Pillow Past its Prime?

    Probably, and there are two reasons why. 1) The fill in your pillow compresses over time and ceases to provide your neck with the support needed for a healthy back. 2) Non-washable pillows collect dirt, oils, drool, sweat, dust mites, mildew, and fungi over time. Now that you are feeling grossed-out you should know that replacing your pillows every one...

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  6. Yes, You Can Beat the Sunday Night Blues!

    Chances are you’ve heard of the “Sunday Night Blues” – heck, you’ve probably battled them! According to a recent study, this is a very real phenomenon, with almost 50% of adults reporting that they have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights on a regular basis. But why are so many of us suffering from the Sunday Night Blues? Why Can’t We...

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