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  2. Defeat Drowsy Driving With Better Sleep!

    A new study by the non-profit American Automobile Association (which we all know as AAA or “Triple-A”) has revealed that drowsy driving is an even bigger problem in the United States than was originally thought. According to the study, almost 10% of all highway crashes are caused by drivers who were overly tired or otherwise sleep deprived. This is roughly eight...

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  3. Top Ten Tips for Sleeping Peacefully with Your Valentine!

    Congratulations! You’ve made it through the wilderness of the singles scene, and you won’t be sleeping alone this Valentine’s Day! You’ve braved the bar scene, swiped right or gone out with that nice guy or gal your family’s been dying for you to meet, and now you’ll be hitting the pillow with somebody else! Good for you! So now that...

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  4. Win or Lose, You Can Get Your Best Sleep After the Super Bowl!

    If there’s anything you can make a case for being as American as apple pie, it’s the Super Bowl. The championship game between the National Football League’s American and National Football Conferences has been an American institution since 1967, when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I. The Super Bowl has steadily grown in...

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  5. Sleep Like a Groundhog Again and Again and Again!

    Every February 2nd, the United States, Canada and Germany all celebrate Groundhog Day. Sometimes known as “Groundhog’S Day,” this odd little holiday is based on the idea that if a groundhog sees its shadow after coming out of its burrow on February 2nd, there will be six more weeks of winter. If it doesn’t, spring is on its way. Where...

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  6. Bedding, Pillows and Mattress – How Do I Get The Most Comfortable Sleep?

    Though why we need sleep is well-known, it seems that many people don’t take sleeping all that seriously. There is ample evidence that many don’t get enough sleep or struggle with insomnia, and that the quality of sleep that people do get is far less than what health professionals recommend. What is a person to do to get better, more...

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