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  2. Sleeping Myths: Fact or Fiction

    Ever heard an old wives' tale about how to get better sleep - or been told that counting sheep will help you fall asleep faster? There are a lot of myths out there about how to achieve the best night’s rest, but the real question is, are any of them true? As National Sleep Awareness Month comes to an end, let's debunk...

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  3. Sleep to Success: How to be Lazy and Productive at the Same Time

    National Sleep Awareness Month has reminded us that it’s important to get proper sleep. Now, it’s time to have some fun! The human mind is an amazing thing. It allows you to be creative and to rest up to fuel even more creativity, just by your consuming delicious food and sleeping right! What else can it do? Full disclosure: some...

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  4. Get Back into Rhythm This Daylight Saving Time!

    During National Sleep Awareness Month we “spring forward” for daylight saving time. For those unaware, this means we move our clocks forward or backward an hour, depending on the time of year. This gives us an extra hour of light each day. It can be jarring, but if we use it right, it may actually help us get better sleep!...

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  5. 10 Ways to Take Advantage of the Best Month Ever

    Here you have it: the perfect, long sought after excuse to get more sleep and not be judged for it: "Well, it's National Sleep Awareness Month. We pretty much have to sleep more this month." And that's precisely why this is our favorite time of the year - National Sleep Awareness Month! We are encouraging you to celebrate it with us!...

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  6. Sleep Your Colds and Flus Away!

    100 years ago this year, our nation found itself in the midst of “the greatest medical holocaust in history,” as it was called at the time.  It was the “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918, so-called because King Alonzo XIII of Spain was the most notable person to come down with it. That flu outbreak ultimately claimed over 40 million lives,...

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