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  2. How to Stop Snoring and Sleep Better Than Ever

    Let’s face it, snoring is no fun, and with nearly 90 million Americans reporting some type of snoring activity during their lives, it’s a frustratingly common issue, although in most cases, all of that noisy breathing is nothing more than an annoyance. But if you find yourself snoring on a regular basis, you can end up dealing with some seriously...

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  3. These 5 Easy Yoga Moves Can Help End Your Insomnia

    Unless you’re lucky enough to have some secret superpowers that passed the rest of us by at birth, you need deep and restorative sleep to not only function but to thrive. Heck, chances are pretty good that you’ve experienced the pain of sleep loss at some point in your life, just like the other nearly 60 million Americans with insomnia...

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  4. How to Enjoy the 4th of July Without Missing Out on Sleep!

    When you take a look at the numbers, the Fourth of July is a pretty big deal for most Americans. More than 40 million of us are planning to travel for the holiday, over $6 billion will be spent on backyard barbecue fare, and more than $800 million will go up with a bang in the form of fireworks. There’s...

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  5. 23 Tricks for Keeping Cool During Summer Slumbers

    You’ve probably noticed that you don’t sleep as well during the summer as you do during the winter. But - why is that and what can you do about making sure you’re getting enough sleep, each and every month of the year? Some of the trouble is the oppressive heat that goes hand-in-hand with summertime, and some of it’s the...

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  6. Summertime Snoozin’: What You Need to Know About the Summer Solstice and Sleep

    Who doesn’t love summer? Spending time soaking up the sun, strolling on the boardwalk, or splashing in the waves makes this time of year a favorite amongst both children and adults. Yes, the summer months are a time to be cherished by all. But, did you know that we also get less sleep between June and August than we do...

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