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  2. Night Owls vs. Early Birds: 9 Science-Backed Differences

    There’s a pretty good chance that you already know if you’re a morning or night person, and even if you don’t, dollars to donuts your significant other does! But what you might still be in the dark about are the names social scientists give to these two groups. “Larks” are folks that turn in early each night and arise with...

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  3. What Do Our 9 Most Common Dreams Actually Mean?

    Almost all of us dream, whether we’re having a mind movie every night or only once in a blue moon, it’s a part of the human experience. And it stands to reason that just as many of us are curious about the point and purpose of dreams, right? While many of our dreams can be pretty darn boring, including hitting...

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  4. Can’t Sleep? Discover the Top Causes (and Fixes) for Restless Nights!

    Not being able to sleep is probably at the top of your "most-hated issues list," and you’re far from alone on that one. Nearly 60 million American adults deal with restless sleep at some point in their lives. If you find yourself counting sheep, or staring up at the ceiling and willing sleep to come more nights than not, it...

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  5. How Much Sleep You Really Need (and How to Get It!)

    If you’re struggling with meeting the demands of a crazy schedule, missing out on sleep might seem like your only option for actually having time to get everything done. But, before you stay up into the early morning hours working on that project, you should know the facts about missing out on quality sack time. The truth is that even...

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  6. 8 Tricks for How to Nap Better and Live Healthier

    Most of us have long known how beneficial a good nap can be when it comes to feeling more rested after a sleepless night. But did you know about the hidden benefits of napping, such as boosted creativity, increased intelligence, and even a longer lifespan? Napping is gaining traction as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, with major companies...

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