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  2. 6 Holiday Sleep Tips to Help You Stay Merry and Bright

    It’s the happiest time of the year once again! We all love the presents and family visits that go hand-in-hand with the holiday season. Not to mention the beautiful lights and the delicious food. But the holidays also mean longer to-do lists. You’ve got tons of shopping to do, a house to get ready for guests, and plenty of meals...

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  3. Discover the Top 4 Sleep Positions for a Healthier Life

    Are you putting your health at risk every night? You could be, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They found that nearly 40% of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep each night if they want to stay happy and healthy. Not spending the recommended minimum of 7 hours a night in Dreamland is causing some serious health...

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  4. 4 Quick Tips for More Energized Winter Mornings

    Winter may be one of the happiest seasons of the year, but did you know it could also mean you're getting less sleep? Changes in the weather, fewer hours of daylight, and indulging in holiday feasts can all lead to seasonal exhaustion. And let’s face it, getting out of bed during the dark, cold mornings of winter can be challenging....

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  5. 7 Ways to Wake Up Feeling Motivated

    Do you dread mornings? Maybe you wake up feeling exhausted or even sad. Life can throw a lot at you and make mornings something you wish you didn’t have to deal with at all. Especially a whole work week full of them! Morning motivation can be tricky, even if you’ve worked to become a morning person and strive to be...

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  6. Learn How Sleep Can Protect You This Flu Season

    Almost everyone loves this time of year, thanks to cooler weather and breaks from school and work. But fall and winter aren’t all about hot chocolate and holiday road trips to visit with loved ones. October through February is also peak flu season. Getting sick could put a serious damper on enjoying the most wonderful time of the year! The...

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