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  2. A Quick & Easy Guide to the Best Essential Oils for Sleep

    Is it still snowing in your part of the world? It might seem like you’ll never be able to enjoy the sweet scents of Spring blossoms again. But even if you’ve got more cold weather headed your way, you can still get the benefits of the best smells from Mother Nature. We're talking about picking up a few essential oils...

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  3. Is a Lack of Sleep Destroying Your Relationship?

    In a perfect world, we would all get enough sleep every night and wake up without the need for caffeine. We would buzz about our days like busy little bees with smiles on our faces and happy attitudes. The unfortunate reality is that typically isn’t the case. There are a lot of things that affect our ability to get great...

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  4. 6 Ways to Create a Better Sleep Schedule

    Sometimes our bodies get off track. When we travel, work a late shift, or stay up all night watching movies, our bodies feel it the next day. Chances are you’ve had times where you’ve been groggy at work and wished you could do something to energize yourself. Resetting your body’s natural clock is a great way to get brighter days....

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  5. Unlock the Secret to Being Healthier: No Gym Required

    So, you’ve been working hard to reach your fitness goals, right? You’ve stuck to a strict diet and even started working with a personal trainer. But you still haven’t reached your ideal clothing size yet and can’t seem to figure out the missing piece to fitness success. Believe it or not, the secret isn’t the latest fad diet or new...

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  6. 7 Ways to Score Better Sleep in the New Year

    Many of the most popular New Year's resolutions focus on getting healthier by losing some weight or ditching a harmful habit. But one of the most crucial parts of better health is sadly missing from the typical resolution lists. We're talking about high-quality sleep, of course! Although most of us know how important sleep is to living a healthy lifestyle,...

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