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  2. How to Conquer Daylight Savings with Sleep Awareness Week

    As February came and went in what felt like a blink of an eye, the first week of March is rolling in bringing with it two important events: Sleep Awareness Week and Daylight Savings. Each event ultimately emphasizes the importance of our sleeping habits and the overall consequences of not receiving enough sleep each night.  Sleep Awareness week, sponsored by...

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  3. The Importance of a Quality Mattress On Your Health

    Most people are likely aware that your quality of sleep and quality of health are closely related. How well you sleep each night affects both your physical and mental health. Things like weight gain, your immune system, memory, brain functionality and mood are all greatly determined by the quality of sleep you receive each night. However, what most may not...

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  4. Is Your Sleeping Position the Right One for You?

    Whether you sleep in a cradle position, upside down, or flat on your face, everyone has their favorite go-to sleeping position. When you sleep on the most comfortable mattress wrapped up in your favorite duvet and sheets for roughly 8 hours each night, our bodies naturally form into a position we have deemed the most comfortable.  However, your sleeping position doesn’t...

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  5. 6 Ways to Have the Ultimate Presidents’ Day Weekend

    Much like finding a diamond in the rough, 3-day weekends are rare and certainly glorious. Occurring only a few times throughout the year, 3-day weekends are a time for celebration, relaxation, but most importantly they are the perfect time to be completely and entirely lazy. The upcoming long weekend is Presidents' Day, which is the perfect excuse to stay in...

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  6. How to Celebrate an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day at Home

    If you’ve been paying any attention to the change in decorations at the grocery store, you’ll know that all of those red and pink hearts, roses and chocolates can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day.  Now only a week away, the infamous day of St. Valentine is quickly approaching. Restaurants have been booked out and heartfelt cards are now practically...

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