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  2. How to Be Productive Working From Home

    Many of us are working from home, collaborating through phone calls, emails, and video chats to keep ourselves safe. Working from home undoubtedly has tons of benefits, such as not having to commute to the office. That means less time sitting in traffic and more time in the comfort of your own home!  However, each and every person’s experience is...

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  3. 7 Tips for The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover 

    Even with the sun shining outside, many of us are still staying home to keep ourselves safe and healthy. If you’re staying home, you’re probably spending a lot of time in your bedroom.  Any space where you’re spending a lot of time in, especially if you’re working from home, should be optimized for productivity, inspiration, and your overall well-being. Since...

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  4. How to Get Your Best Sleep All Summer Long!

    Summer is here! June 20th marked the official first day of Summer, which means the days ahead are warm and sunny. Now that the weather is warming up, we all surely want to spend our days having as much fun as we possibly can. After a long day of fun activities under the sun, you may feel pretty sleepy. It's...

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  5. The 8 Best Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

    What better way to kick off the summer, than by celebrating our favorite guys: our fathers. This Sunday is Father’s Day, meaning a whole day dedicated to showing appreciation to our hardworking and loving fathers.  This year, Father’s Day happens to fall on June 21nd, which is one day after the summer solstice. The holiday will fall on the first...

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  6. 10 Tips to Get Ready for Summer!

    The weather is getting warmer by the day, we’re cranking up the AC units and bringing out the fans, storing our sweaters and coats away. All of this can only mean one thing: Summer is approaching!  The official first day of Summer is June 20th, meaning there’s roughly a week’s time to start getting ready for the warm season ahead. ...

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