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  2. Is Chocolate Before Bed a Big No-No?

    In honor of National Chocolate Day, we wanted to take a closer look at how (if at all) one of the most delicious eatables known to man affects our ability to get the quality sack time that we need. Chocolate has been adored by the masses for centuries – it’s hard to find a treat that has been consumed more...

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  3. 6 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween This Year

    Can you believe Halloween is already next week?! For many of us, Halloween is associated with social gatherings in crowded bars, homes, and clubs as well as bravely exploring (fake or real) haunted houses in groups.  Right now, all the above are just too risky.  Wait! This doesn’t mean that Halloween is totally canceled! Rather, it’s being reimagined and celebrated...

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  4. The Do’s and Don’ts of Napping: How Napping Can Impact Your Sleep At Night

    For a lot of people, naps are one of the best parts of the day. Not only can a nap feel like a pleasant indulgence, it also refreshes our mind and sets the stage for more efficient thinking and productivity later in the day. There are plenty of benefits to sneaking in a quick snooze in the middle of the...

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  5. 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed

    Remember being a kid and being lectured at for not making your bed?  If you don’t remember why it’s important to make your bed, here’s a refresher: making your bed has some benefits beyond simply making your room better looking. A neater-looking bed (that’s only going to get messed up within 15 hours again) may seem trivial, but it can...

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  6. Spotlight on Lull’s Customer Service | Customer Service Awareness Week

    Happy October! Halloween is coming up, but so is Customer Service Awareness Week for the first week of the month. It’s been a nationally recognized event since 1992, approved by the US Congress. So while you’re out shopping for your spooky decor, don’t forget to show your appreciation for everyone kindly helping you. So to celebrate this wonderful week, we’d...

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