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  2. 5 Reasons to Sleep on Memory Foam

    If you’ve gotten to know our products here at Lull, you know that one of our major selling points is that our mattresses are made with the highest quality memory foam.  But wait, what exactly is memory foam and why should you choose it over a traditional spring mattress? Memory foam is made of polyurethane, a versatile plastic polymer that...

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  3. 7 Fun Activities to Do This Fall

    As the leaves change colors and the air gets colder, it’s time to consider some new activities to better suit the season. The sun is setting sooner, but it’s also up earlier, so consider getting a good night’s rest and starting the day bright and early. So put on your jacket and head on outside to enjoy the cooler weather...

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  4. How Daylight Savings Time Affects Your Sleep

    If you’ve seen memes about Daylight Savings Time in March, they’ll usually involve a comically oversized cup of coffee. That’s because setting your clock back an hour takes away an hour of sleep.  So what happens in November when Daylight Savings ends and you’re setting the clock forward to Standard Time? That means you get to sleep an extra hour!...

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  5. Is Chocolate Before Bed a Big No-No?

    In honor of National Chocolate Day, we wanted to take a closer look at how (if at all) one of the most delicious eatables known to man affects our ability to get the quality sack time that we need. Chocolate has been adored by the masses for centuries – it’s hard to find a treat that has been consumed more...

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  6. 6 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween This Year

    Can you believe Halloween is already next week?! For many of us, Halloween is associated with social gatherings in crowded bars, homes, and clubs as well as bravely exploring (fake or real) haunted houses in groups.  Right now, all the above are just too risky.  Wait! This doesn’t mean that Halloween is totally canceled! Rather, it’s being reimagined and celebrated...

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