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  2. Sleep and Athletic Performance

    Bigger muscles. A shorter mile time. A higher jump. The ability to do backflips. All over the world, people are working hard to become more and more athletic through rigorous training and proper nutrition programs. Pro athletes and aspirational regular folks spend tons of time searching up the right amount of calories, carbs, energy drinks, protein, and other nutrients to...

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  3. Ways Traveling Can Affect Your Sleep

    If you’re planning a vacation or any overnight travels, it’s possible you may not be well-rested every single day. That’s because traveling can mess with your sleep! From jet lag, unfamiliar food and activities, to simply sleeping in a new environment, there are a few factors that can hinder your ability to fall asleep at the perfect time for the...

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  4. 5 Reasons A Mattress Foundation Can Help You Sleep

    We’ve raved over and over again on this site of the wonders of sleeping on the right mattress, but what about what’s beneath that mattress? Beneath our customers’ mattresses often lay sturdy mattress foundations that further boost the benefits of that premium memory foam. Mattress foundations come in a variety of materials and styles, all with the goal of better...

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  5. 7 Simple Steps to Serene Sleep

    Who doesn’t love getting a good night’s rest? Getting in some quality sack time leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. Feeling that way every morning would be amazing, but it seems that on some nights, you’re left tossing and turning, instead of snoozing. Developing a nightly “wind down” routine can help you to significantly increase...

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  6. 4 Facts About the Circadian Rhythm

    If  you’ve been tuned in on our previous blogs, you’ve probably heard us repeat a rather science-y sounding term quite a few times: circadian rhythm. We’re always talking about different activities and habits that can throw it off or set it back on the right track. Now let’s explain what the circadian rhythm actually is: the 24-hour cycle of physical,...

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