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  2. Here are a few of the best and worst foods for quality sleep

    Eating yourself to better quality sleep sounds like a dream, but it’s entirely possible. Plenty of foods contain chemicals conducive to stimulating the hormones and mental states vital to falling asleep at the right time. Conversely, other foods stimulate other hormones and moods that make you toss and turn rather than drifting off. Most of them are delicious, so don’t...

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  3. 4 Reasons to Consider a Metal Bed Frame

    Do you think a metal bed frame would add the right vibe to your room? After all, they’re often polished, slim, chic, and can be shaped in a variety of aesthetic ways.  Metal frames are both aesthetic and practical, but the choice to pick them over wood depends on your circumstances and preferences. So here are four reasons you might...

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  4. Why Sleep With a Wooden Bed Frame

    No matter how luxurious your bed sheets and pillows are, they’re not complete until they’re supported by a durable bed frame. Bed frames add an aesthetic appeal to your bed, turning your mattress into an oasis of comfort. From race cars to simple squares to luxurious cut-out patterns, bed frames add a theme to your room while keeping your mattress...

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  5. The 6 Most Common Signs of Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation can lead to some pretty nasty health issues, including memory loss and decreased mental functioning, obesity and diabetes, and even heart disease. Yikes! But how do you know when you’re suffering from sleep deprivation and putting your health and happiness at risk? Different people can have different symptoms and go from simple sleep loss to the more dangerous...

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  6. Healthier Beds = Better Sleep: How to Wash Your Bedding the Right Way

    Sleep experts recommend that we get eight hours of sleep per night, and that means that we spend an entire third of our lives in bed. That equals almost sixty hours per week of sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils in our sheets. Yuck! And of course, we should be washing that crud away on a regular basis to help us...

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